giovedì 19 agosto 2010

Some names?

Here we go again! :) 
ok let's start to do our "fantastic" BET!
ok.. let me thinkk.. who can be in these countries?
ok let's start :

Style_magazine , Bluegreen86 , n1mka4eva [who recentrly was victim of a really dark taste of joke by servati who doesn't deserve to be in the top!] emorox4eva...

elleeae ,Hunnigall, muffins0012 , lazylin , nojarama , madworld ... other?

France :
biskoto, cocopunie , zizell , bijouenforce, keira-v , stemrinette , x-ela2 .. other?

ireland :
blamh3 , ...singstar... ..other?

gabisia9 , numpsik , other....?

pauo-watson , _anto_ , salamandra , bisiuka ...?

Russia [-ucraine]:
writemarycat .... other?

wounded90, vane-italia , richi2008, caterina88 , molly_88 ,, i'd love to be in the top but i don't be , i'm sure! ... other?

well i didn't got time for write the other countries so i left you to bet in comments! 

Greta :)

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