giovedì 19 agosto 2010

Some names?

Here we go again! :) 
ok let's start to do our "fantastic" BET!
ok.. let me thinkk.. who can be in these countries?
ok let's start :

Style_magazine , Bluegreen86 , n1mka4eva [who recentrly was victim of a really dark taste of joke by servati who doesn't deserve to be in the top!] emorox4eva...

elleeae ,Hunnigall, muffins0012 , lazylin , nojarama , madworld ... other?

France :
biskoto, cocopunie , zizell , bijouenforce, keira-v , stemrinette , x-ela2 .. other?

ireland :
blamh3 , ...singstar... ..other?

gabisia9 , numpsik , other....?

pauo-watson , _anto_ , salamandra , bisiuka ...?

Russia [-ucraine]:
writemarycat .... other?

wounded90, vane-italia , richi2008, caterina88 , molly_88 ,, i'd love to be in the top but i don't be , i'm sure! ... other?

well i didn't got time for write the other countries so i left you to bet in comments! 

Greta :)

MSWnews - about it

Ok.. Let's discover something more about this weird blog that i've made.. well Miss Stardoll World is coming on stardoll and everyone can join SS or Not .. but this isn't the thing that i want to tell ya!
I want to tell YA what does this blog with this amazing competition where i say Good Luck to everyone!
ok well MSWnews is a blog where , over stardoll official blog , i'll post every news about this world greatest competition! (:
in the next post i will write some names that could be in every list at middle october :)
Every country is able to join! with wildcard or not :)

see you later,